Henley gate at UCSB

Prof. Beyerlein welcomes three graduate students to her group

September 22, 2016

Prof. Irene Beyerlein welcomes three new students into her group this fall: Brandon Leu, Claire Weaver, and Wyatt Witzen. 

Brandon Leu comes to USCB from UC Riverside where he graduated, Summa Cum Laude, with his B.S. in Materials Science Engineering. His undergraduate education inspired and intrigued him enough to come to Santa Barbara for gradute school. As a graduate student, Brandon is living alone for the first time and he's really excited to meet new people and to have fun trying new things, all while balancing work and responsibilities. Brandon believes in the go-big-or-go-home philosophy. Since childhood, he has played Yu-Gi-Oh!, often perceived as a child's trading card game, and he played on a competitive level, which is extremely challenging and cutthroat. Brandon entered local and regional tournaments, judged tournaments, and, as an undergraduate,  held a job at a trading card shop running his own tournaments. 

Claire Weaver double-majored in Phyics and Math at Hofstra University in East Meadow, NY. She chose to pursue her Ph.D. in Materials at UCSB due to the positive culture and environment, and the prestige of the Department. From Claire's perspective, UCSB Materials is just all around awesome. Claire's path to graduate school is a bit different from the path most people take. While she did come to graduate school directly after graduation from Hofstra, she spent seven years as a flying trapeze instructor between high school and beginning her academic career. More recently, Claire's adventures led to camping in National Parks across the northern U.S. on her cross-country drive from New York to California. Claire is eager to seek new adventures in Santa Barbara over the next few years. 

Wyatt received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University where he was the recipient of the John B. Ballance/Materials Research Society Scholarship. He chose to come to UCSB Materials for graduate school due the oustanding reputation of the Department and its close involvement with the aerospace industry. In addition to studies and reseach, Wyatt looks forward to living on the beautiful west coast and hopes to continue the feeling of living an adventure. After all, one of Wyatt's hobbies is open-water scuba diving and since kelp diving is very popular in southern California, he's looking forward to finding the time to savor the experience.

Welcome to the Beyerlein Lab, Brandon, Claire, and Wyatt!