Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Researchers

Multi-scale dislocation dynamics modeling of refractory multi-principal element alloys

Studying the development of heterogeneous nanostructured materials using phase fields

Graduate Students

Dislocation dynamics and interface size effects in metallic nanolaminates.

Investigating intragranular deformation behavior of polycrystalline nickel-base superalloys using crystal plasticity finite element method (CPFEM).

Deformation mechanisms of refractory multi-principal element alloys.

Dislocation dynamics in precipitate strengthened multi-principal element alloys (MPEAs).

Thermo-mechanical constitutive modeling and defect-mediated mechanical behavior

Magneto-structural coupling effects, defect structures, and mechanical properties of intermetallic materials. 

Investigating the origins of fatigue damage in polycrystalline nickel-based superalloys by studying intragranular deformation via coupled simulations and experiments.

Irreversible slip-induced fatigue of refractory alloys using 3D slip band-fast Fourier transform modeling (SB-FFT).

Dislocation-defect interactions in metals and alloys under extreme environments


Modeling the Development and Transmission of Slip Bands in Polycrystalline Materials

Role of crystal orientation and void location on void growth in polycrystalline metals

Phase-field dislocation dynamics modeling of multi-component alloys

Dislocation dynamics in chemically and microstructurally complex metallic materials

Microstructure-based modeling of Ni-base superalloys, cyberinfrastructure for structural materials informatics, and non-destructive evaluation

Role of neighborhood constraints on deformation twinning in magnesium

A mesoscale perspective to void strengthening and growth in structural metals

Employing multi-scale computational models, encompassing first-principle calculations, atomistic simulations, phase-field dislocation dynamics, and FFT-based crystal plasticity models, in order to investigate the deformation mechanisms exhibited by pure metals, magnesium alloys, and high-entropy alloys

Crystal plasticity modeling to understand interactions between slip and deformation twinning in hexagonal close packed alloys

Dislocation Morphology and Mobility on the Slip Planes of Hexagonal Close-Packed Materials

Wyatt Witzen

Mapping of crystallographic geometrically necessary dislocation densities using three-dimensional microstructural data with varied processing histories

Multi-scale materials modeling in chemically and structurally complex materials such as multi-principal element alloys and metallic nanolaminates