Principal Investigator

Group research focuses on the statistical quantification of microstructural features of materials and their effect on meso- and macro-scale properties. Currently, the group is engaged in the development of novel methods of multi-scale material characterization, with application to active materials, high temperature ceramics, very high cycle and low cycle fatigue mechanisms, plasticity, fracture, and material behavior at the microscale. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

Zhe Chen

New testing methodologies, small-scale characterization, microstructure-property links, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys, fracture, fatigue, large data analytics

Graduate Students

Anna Buzolits

Magnesium alloys, lightweighting, small-scale characterization, VPSC modeling, deformation mechanisms 

Dwell fatigue, creep, titanium alloys, microstructure-property interactions, large data analytics

Marissa Linne

Novel small-scale experimental methodologies, high temperature testing, microscale deformation mechanisms, large data analytics

Additive manufacturing, metallic alloys, resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, large data analytics, microstructure-property interactions 

Bhavana Swaminathan

Ceramic matrix composites, large data analytics, microstructure-property interactions, acoustic emission, constitutive modeling 

Undergraduate Students

Mechanical design, neutron diffraction, functional intermetallics, Heusler alloys 

High cycle fatigue, shape memory alloys, biomedical devices, phase transformations, fracture